I make art
and design stuff
and hack things

this is my portfolio

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> academics

Places I've studied, things I've worked on.

In high school, I completed the International Baccalaureate diploma. Perhaps my favorite part of this, aside from the physics courses, was writing a short essay discussing the continuities of the 1950s International Typographic Style in the modern advertisements from Spotify and Adobe. The paper is available here.

I currently study physics and astronomy at Wesleyan University, where I've done research in the Ellis lab, working with the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture to create a feedback loop application that allows us to finely control gain and filtering parameters for a 7 kHz gyrating oscillator, in order to better study its behavior.

art <

Here, just  . . . click here for a slideshow of some of my art.

All of my art on this slideshow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Contact me if you need higher-resolution images for any purpose.

> cybersecurity

Lecturing and competing in our nationally-ranked club.

Since its conception, I’ve been a lecturer, secretary, and competitor for Interlake High School’s cybersecurity club. I specialize in computer forensics and reverse engineering. Among US high schools, we’ve:
 •  placed 3rd in picoCTF 2018, our first ever competition,
 •  placed 3rd in HSCTF 2019,
 •  and placed 4th in redpwn CTF 2019,
Beyond involvement in the “ihscy” team, we’re also currently working on bringing our security lessons to Tyee Middle School. Our lectures and git repositories are all open to the public.

employment <

I've worked for many places in quite a few related fields.

My first paid job was at an AI startup, where I worked in Python on image processing software and edited videos. After that, I put together 3D modeling, texturing, and programming skills to develop a training simulator for the FUSION UUV. Currently, I work various jobs in shops and labs at my university—I seem to always find some niche where my experience in different fields is needed.

> website

Bet you didn’t know I have a website.

Link: https://imyxh.net ;)

misc. small projects <

Just a few extra things I’ve worked on.

Some of my smaller projects include:
 •  hacking on open-source initiatives; I probably spend way too much time filing GitHub issues and I’ve contributed bits and pieces to the codebases of projects like radare2, GIMP, etc;
 •  toying with assembly code to write small games;
 •  Eta Carinae, a syntax theme I’m working on; it only uses two colors for clarity and easy accessibility customization;
 •  building a radio transmitter (yes, I have a license), listening to and decoding radio transmissions with my RTL-SDR; and
 •  pail, a clever and portable way to manage all of my scripts for forensics and reversing.


You can message me at my main public email: imyxhuang (at gmail).
GitLab/GitHub: @imyxh, Matrix: @imyxh:imyxh.net
PGP: CBEE E26B 4C99 AE94 0075 5516 006D 6DDB 6034 C77C